Genf20 Plus Ingredients

Genf20 is a weight loss supplement that helps people looks years younger than they already are. It does this by increasing metabolism rates, stamina and energy levels in the body. The supplement also boosts the secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and this helps you appear younger. It is important to take the pills along with the spray since there are some Genf20 plus spray ingredients that are not included in the pills.

GenF20 Capsule Ingredients

INGREDIENTAmount per Serving% Daily Value
GTF Chronium400 mg333
L-Arginine HCI520 mg*
L-Glutamine460 mg*
L-Glysine460 mg*
L-Tyrosine400 mg*
Tribulus Terrestris (vie)320 mg*
Astragalus (root)240 mg*
Colostrum (10%)200 mg*
Deer Velvet Antler200 mg*
GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid)200 mg*
L-Isoleucine160 mg*
L-Valine160 mg*
L-Valine160 mg*
Pituitary Powder (anterior)120 mg*
Phosphatidyl Choline100 mg*
L-Omnithine100 mg*

Here are the Genf20 Plus ingredients used in making the supplement:

  • Deer Velvet Antler

Deer Velvet Antler is known to stimulate the secretion of certain hormones in the body. One of these hormones is the HGH. As a person grows older, their HGH levels go down, and this is what makes them look and feel aged. This product is meant to correct the HGH levels.

The ingredient also helps with the regeneration of cartilage tissues.

  • Astralagus Root Extract

This is one of the Genf20 ingredients is normally used on its own to increase metabolism in the body. As a result, users can burn fat faster. This is the reason why people end up looking younger. A higher metabolism rate is very closely linked to youth. The root extract has also been noted to strengthen the immunity system.

  • L-Arginine

It is an element that is also important for the secretion of Human Growth Hormone. According to researchers, it can boost HGH levels by up to 300 percent. In addition, L-Arginine helps to boost energy levels, therefore, enabling you to work out even harder. You will also need to spend less time recovering after workouts as it helps in the fast repair of muscle tissues. The result is a well-toned body and a better physical appearance.

  • L-Glutamine

This component is meant to keep you mentally alert and also helps in the regeneration of muscle tissues in the body. L-Glutamine is used by the body at times of high stress such as when you exercise.

  • L-Glycine

It has multiple benefits to the body. Importantly, it boosts the secretion of Human Growth Hormone. It also helps in calming down the mind. L-Glycine is also important for the maintenance of prostate health.

GenF20 Plus Spray Ingredients

Alpha GPC 350 mg
Growth Factor Proprietary Blend, consisting of:2000 nanograms
Mucuna Pruriens (seed)
Moomiyo Extract
Stimulator Factor Proprietary Blend, Consisting of: 1000 nanograms
Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate

  • L-Lysine

Each Genf20 supplement contains 400mg of L-Lysine. This ingredient helps in boosting the activity of L-Arginine. It boosts the secretion of HGH levels by 10 times.

  • L-Tyrosene

This constituent helps to regulate metabolism in the body. The result is and faster weight loss. Also, the ingredient helps to reduce physical and mental fatigue. Traditionally, the ingredient has been used to fight depression.

  • GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid)

This is a critical neurotransmitter in the body. It helps to improve mental functioning and also helps to increase the secretion of HGH. The neurotransmitter also offers great benefits to the nervous system.

  • Colostrum

Every Genf20 supplement contains 200mg of this ingredient. It helps with the repair of the body tissues, therefore, shortening the recovery time after workouts. Also, it improves the performance of the immune system. The component contains growth factors that boost production of HGH in the body.

  • L-Valine

This ingredient is important for faster muscle growth. As an amino acid, it provides the necessary building blocks for growth and repair of muscles. L-Valine is not produced by the body and must, therefore, be consumed if you want to experience its benefits.

  • Pituitary Powder (Anterior)

It is an element that helps to tone the muscles and also plays a lesser role in boosting HGH levels.


The Genf20 Plus ingredients list above play major roles in making you lose weight faster and also appear younger. Other ingredients used in making the supplement include phosphatidyl choline, L-Ornithine, and GTF Chromium. If you want to lose weight fast and get the body you desire, this is the supplement you should go for.